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1 Jehovah hath reigned, He hath put on glory, Put on hath Jehovah strength; He hath girded himself: Also he hath established the world, It shall not be moved.

2 Fixed is thy throne; [Even as] from that time 362362     “From that time,” that is, from the creation of the world mentioned in the previous verse. thou art, and from eternity. 363363     In explaining this verse, Calvin expresses his approbation of a translation somewhat different: —
   “As from eternity thou art,
Even so thy throne hath been erected (or prepared) from that time.”

3 Raised have the floods, O Jehovah! Raised have the floods their voice; Raise shall the floods their waves.

4 By reason of the voices 364364     “A vocibus.” — Lat.A cause du bruit.” — Fr. of the great waters Terrible are the waves of the sea: Terrible on high is Jehovah.

5 Thy testimonies are verified exceedingly; To thy house is glory; The holiness of Jehovah is for length of days.

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