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1 In thee, O Jehovah! do I put my trust, Let me not be put to shame for ever.

2 In thy righteousness deliver me, and rescue me; Incline to me thy ear, and save me.

3 Be thou to me for a rock of strength, Into which I may enter at all times: Thou hast given commandment to save me; For my tower and my fortress art thou.

4 O my God! deliver me from the hand of the ungodly man, — From the hand of the wicked and violent men.

5 For thou art my expectation, O Lord Jehovah! My trust from my youth.

6 Upon thee have I been sustained from the womb; Out of my mother’s bowels thou art he who took me: Of thee is my praise continually.

7 As a prodigy I have been to the great ones, And yet thou art my strong confidence.

8 Filled shall be my mouth with thy praise, Daily with thy glory.

9 Cast me not off in the time of my old age: In the declining of my strength forsake me not.

10 For my enemies have spoken concerning me, And those who watch for my soul have consulted together,

11 Saying, “God hath forsaken him; “Follow after him, and ye shall take him; “For there is none to deliver him.”

12 O God! be not far from me: O my God! to my aid hasten.

13 Let those be put to shame, let those fail who are the adversaries of my soul: Let those be covered with reproach mid shame who seek my hurt.

14 But as for me continually will I hope, And will add to all thy praise.

15 My mouth shall tell of thy righteousness, Daily of thy salvation; For I know not the number thereof

16 I will go in the strength of the Lord Jehovah! I will remember thy righteousness alone.

17 O God! thou hast taught me from my youth; And unto this time will I announce thy wonders.

18 And therefore 341341     Literally, “moreover.” But see the Commentary. in old age and gray hairs, O God! forsake me not, Until I have declared thy strength to the generation, To all who are to come thy might.

19 And thy righteousness, O God! is very high: For thou hast done great things: O God! who is like to thee?

20 Thou hast made me to see troubles many and grievous, But being turned thou wilt quicken me, And from the depths of the earth, being turned thou wilt raise me up.

21 Thou wilt multiply my greatness; And being turned thou wilt comfort me.

22 Moreover, I, even I, will sing to thee on instruments of music; 342342     “In organo musico.” — Lat. Avec irgyes de musique.” — Fr. The Hebrew is בכלי-נבל bichli-nebel, “which is the instrument of the nebel, or psaltery.” For thy truth, O my God! I will sing psalms to thee upon the harp, O Holy One of Israel!

23 Exult shall my lips, when I sing psalms to thee; And my soul which thou hast redeemed.

24 Also my tongue daily shall declare thy righteousness; For they are put to shame, for they are disgraced, who seek my hurt.

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