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This psalm contains a mournful complaint against the cruel pride of David’s enemies. He protests that he did not deserve to be persecuted with such inhumanity, inasmuch as he had given them no cause for exercising their cruelty against him. At the same time, he beseeches God, as his protector, to put forth his power for his deliverance. The inscription of the psalm does not refer to any particular time, but it is probable that David here complains of Saul and his associates. 336336     This is the general opinion as to the occasion of the composition of this psalm. It is supposed that David, in representing his innocence of those things of which he was accused, refers to the charges brought against him of traitorously aspiring to the kingdom, and seeking the life of Saul, 1 Samuel 24:9; and that therefore the persecutors and calumniators from whom he beseeches God to deliver him were Saul and his courtiers.

A prayer of David.

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