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(A.) On the Importance of attending to Patristic Citations of Scripture.—The correct Text of S. Luke ii. 14, established

p. 257

(B.) Eusebiusad Marinum” concerning the reconcilement of S. Mark xvi. 9 with S. Matthew xxviii. 1

p. 265

(C.) Proof that Hesychius is a Copyist only in what he says concerning the end of S. Mark’s Gospel

p. 267

(D.) Some account of Victor OF Antioch’s Commentary on S. Mark’s Gospel; together with a descriptive enumeration of MSS. which contain Victor’s Work

p. 269

(E.) Text of the concluding Scholion of Victor or Antioch’s Commentary on S. Mark’s Gospel; in which Victor bears emphatic Testimony to the Genuineness ofthe last Twelve Verses

p. 288

(F.) On the relative antiquity of the Codex Vaticanus (B), and the Codex Sinaiticus (א)

p. 291

(G.) On the (so-called) “AmmonianSections and on the Eusebian Canons: a Dissertation. With some account of the Tables of Reference occasionally found in Greek and Syriac MSS.

p. 295

(H.) On the Interpolation of the Text of Codex B and Codex א, at S. Matthew xxvii. 48 or 49

p. 313


p. 319


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