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Author’s Apology for his Book


The First Stage. —Christian’s deplorable condition—Evangelist directs him—Obstinate and Pliable—Slough of Despond—Worldly Wiseman—Mount Sinai—Conversation with Evangelist

The Second Stage. —The Gate—conversation with Good-Will—the Interpreter’s House—Christian entertained—the sights there shown him

The Third Stage. —Loses his burden at the Cross—Simple, Sloth, Presumption, Formalist, Hypocrisy—hill Difficulty—the Arbor—misses his roll—the palace Beautiful—the lions—talk with Discretion, Piety, Prudence, and Charity—wonders shown to Christian—he is armed

The Fourth Stage. —Valley of Humiliation—conflict with Apollyon—Valley of the Shadow of Death—Giants Pope and Pagan

The Fifth Stage. —Discourse with Faithful—Talkative and Faithful—Talkative’s character

The Sixth Stage. —Evangelist overtakes Christian and Faithful—Vanity Fair—the Pilgrims brought to trial—Faithful’s martyrdom

The Seventh Stage. —Christian and Hopeful—By-ends and his companions—plain of Ease—Lucre-hill—Demas—the River of Life—Vain-Confidence—Giant Despair—the Pilgrims beaten—the Dungeon—the Key of Promise

The Eighth Stage. —The Delectable Mountains—entertained by the Shepherds—a by-way to Hell

The Ninth Stage. —Christian and Hopeful meet Ignorance—Turn-away—Little-Faith—the Flatterer—the net—chastised by a Shining One—Atheist—Enchanted Ground—Hopeful’s account of his conversion—discourse of Christian and Ignorance

The Tenth Stage. —Talk of Christian and Hopeful—Temporary—the backslider—the land of Beulah—Christian and Hopeful pass the River—welcome to the Celestial city

Conclusion of Part First


The Author’s Way

To the Reader

The First Stage. —Christiana and Mercy—Slough of Despond—knocking at the gate—the Dog—talk between the Pilgrims

The Second Stage. —The Devil’s garden—two ill-favored ones assault them—the Reliever—entertainment at the Interpreter’s house—the Significant Rooms—Christiana and Mercy’s experience

The Third Stage. —Accompanied by Great-Heart—the Cross—justified by Christ—Sloth and his companions hung—the hill Difficulty—the Arbor

The Fourth Stage. —The Lions—Giant Grim slain by Great-Heart—the Pilgrims entertained—the children catechized by Prudence—Mr. Brisk—Matthew sick—the remedy—sights shown the Pilgrims

The Fifth Stage. —Valley of Humiliation—Valley of the Shadow of Death—Giant Maul slain

The Sixth Stage. —Discourse with Old Honest—character and history of Mr. Fearing—Mr. Self-will and some professors—Gaius’ house—conversation—the supper—Old Honest and Great-Heart’s riddles and discourse—Giant Slay-good killed—Mr. Feeble-mind’s history—Mr. Ready-to-halt—Vanity Fair—Mr. Mnason’s house—cheering entertainment and converse—a Monster

The Seventh Stage. —Hill Lucre—River of Life—Giant Despair killed—the Delectable Mountains—entertainment by the Shepherds

The Eighth Stage. —Valiant-for-Truth’s-Victory—his talk with Great-Heart—the Enchanted Ground—Heedless and Too-bold—Mr. Stand-fast—Madam Bubble’s temptations—the land of Beulah—Christiana summoned—her parting addresses—she passes the River—she is followed by Ready-to-halt, Feeble-mind, Despondency and his daughter, Honest, Valiant, Steadfast

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