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In Pergamos we have the reference to Balaam, which will have its counterpart in a yet future day.

Through "the counsel of Balaam" (Num. xxxi. 16, etc.) Israel was entrapped and led into the worst form of Midianitish idolatry, when "Israel joined himself unto Baal-peor" (Num. xxv. 3).

In the coming future day Pergamos will be in a special manner the seat (or throne) of Satan (ii. 13; and compare xiii. 2), and a form of idolatry more awful than that of Baal-peor will be on the earth. Peter, writing to the Dispersion, tells of this future time in 2 Peter ii., and in verse 15 he speaks specially of their "following in the way of Balaam the son of Bosor."

Jude also connects his description of a similar phase of idolatry with "the error of Balaam" (verses 10-13).

It is clear, therefore, that that special feature of idolatry connected with Balaam's "counsel" is referred to in Rev. ii. 14, and will be revived in the period described in the Apocalypse.

And, as, upon this great evil the special judgment of the "sword" was sent and executed (Num. xxxi. 1-15), so here. He who speaks to the same People of the same evil, speaks also of the same judgment, "I will fight against them with the sword of my mouth" (Rev. ii. 16), which threat will be carried out in chap. xix. 21. This is why we have that special mention of the "sharp sword," describing the speaker in ii. 12, referring to the same feature of the Vision as seen in i. 16.

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