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Question 122

Which is the first petition?

“Hallowed be thy name”; that is, grant us, first, rightly to know thee,357357    John 17:3; Jer. 9:24; Jer. 31:33, 34; Matt. 16:17; James 1:5; Ps. 119:105. and to sanctify, glorify and praise thee,358358    Ps. 119:137; Luke 1:46, 47, 68, 69; Rom. 11:33–36 . in all thy works, in which thy power, wisdom, goodness, justice, mercy and truth, are clearly displayed; and further also, that we may so order and direct our whole lives, our thoughts, words and actions, that thy name may never be blasphemed, but rather honoured and praised on our account.359359    Ps. 71:8; Ps. 115:1.

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