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by Jacob Behmen (Jakob Boehme) 1575-1624,
The Teutonic Theosopher
How Man must DAILY die to his OWN Will in SELF; how he must bring his Desire into God, and what he should ask and desire of God.
How he must spring up out of the dying sinful Man, with a new Mind and Will through the Spirit of Christ.
What the Old and New Man are, and what each of them is in Life, Will and Practice.
Composed by a Soul that loveth all
who are Children of JESUS CHRIST, under the Cross.

Brought forth in the 1600 s by a humble shoemaker; translated into English over 100 years later; suppressed and hidden away until recently in theological archives around the world... a worthy personal study not just for academics but for all those who are spiritually grounded in the WORD, who are learning to hear the Lord, and who hunger for more.

These writings from out of the Past are in the Public Domain and may be freely shared, photocopied, reproduced, faxed or transmitted in any way by any means.

Christ saith, If any Man will come after Me, let him DENY HIMSELF, and take up his Cross daily, and follow Me.Matthew 16,24 ;Mark 8,34 ;Luke 9,23.

Peter saith to Christ, Behold, we have forsaken All, and followed Thee.Matthew 19,27 ;Mark 10,28 ;Luke 18,28.

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