Table of Contents

Title Page

Chapter I. Hannah’s Trial and Trust.

Chapter II. Hannah’s Faith Rewarded.

Chapter III. Hannah’s Song Of Thanksgiving.

Chapter IV. Eli’s House.

Chapter V. Samuel’s Vision.

Chapter VI. The Ark of God Taken by the Philistines.

Chapter VII. The Ark Among the Philistines.

Chapter VIII. Repentance and Revival.

Chapter IX. National Deliverance—the Philistines Subdued.

Chapter X. The People Demand A King.

Chapter XI. Saul Brought To Samuel.

Chapter XII. First Meeting of Samuel and Saul.

Chapter XIII. Saul Anointed By Samuel.

Chapter XIV. Saul Chosen King.

Chapter XV. The Relief Of Jabesh-Gilead.

Chapter XVI. Samuel’s Vindication Of Himself.

Chapter XVII. Samuel’s Dealings With the People.

Chapter XVIII. Saul And Samuel At Gilgal.

Chapter XIX. Jonathan’s Exploit At Michmash.

Chapter XX. Saul’s Wilfulness.

Chapter XXI. The Final Rejection Of Saul.

Chapter XXII. David Anointed By Samuel.

Chapter XXIII. David's Early Life

Chapter XXIV. David’s Conflict With Goliath.

Chapter XXV. Saul’s Jealousy—David’s Marriage.

Chapter XXVI. Saul’s Further Efforts Against David.

Chapter XXVII. David and Jonathan.

Chapter XXVIII. David at Nob and at Gath.

Chapter XXIX. David at Adullam, Mizpeh, and Hareth.

Chapter XXX. David At Keilah, Ziph, And Maon.

Chapter XXXI. David Twice Spares The Life Of Saul.

Chapter XXXII. David And Nabal.

Chapter XXXIII. David’s Second Flight To Gath.

Chapter XXXIV. Saul At Endor.

Chapter XXXV. David At Ziklag.

Chapter XXXVI. The Death Of Saul.


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