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The Ark of God

Gerhard Ter Steegen

Ps. xliii. 3

Peace! O restless heart of mine;

Thou, the Still, the Blest,

Lead me to Thy courts divine,

Thine untroubled rest.

Tossed upon the raving sea,

Still, fair land, I long for thee.

Lord, from Thee I went astray,

Lured by magic song;

Through dim places far away

I have wandered long—

Now, when lost are moon and star,

Shines the light of Home afar.

O'er the waves that cannot rest,

O'er the drifting foam,

Wandering dove without a nest;

Weary-winged, I come.

From the lonely wastes of sin,

Blessed Noah, take me in.

Take me in, my heart implores,

Leaving far behind

All the thunder of the shores,

All the wailing wind;

In the chambers of Thy rest,

Fold me, hush me, on Thy breast.


Still and sweet the silence deep,

Where no foot hath trod;

Softer than an infant's sleep,

Rest alone with God;

Closed on me Thy palace door,

Perfect peace for evermore.

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