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Verse 9. Not rendering evil for evil. See Barnes "Mt 5:39"

See Barnes "Mt 5:44"; See Barnes "Ro 12:17".


Or railing for railing. See Barnes "1 Ti 6:4".

Comp. Mr 15:29; Lu 23:39.

But contrariwise blessing. In a spirit contrary to this. See Barnes "Mt 5:44".


Knowing that ye are thereunto called, that ye should inherit a blessing. "Knowing that you were called to be Christians in order that you should obtain a blessing infinite and eternal in the heavens. Expecting such a blessing yourselves, you should be ready to scatter blessings on all others. You should be ready to bear all their reproaches, and even to wish them well. The hope of eternal life should make your minds calm; and the prospect that you are to be so exalted in heaven should fill your hearts with benignity and love." There is nothing which is better fitted to cause our hearts to overflow with benignity, to make us ready to forgave all others when they forgive us, than the hope of salvation. Cherishing such a hope ourselves, we cannot but wish that all others may share it, and this will lead us to wish for them every blessing. A man who has a hope of heaven should abound in every virtue, and show that he is a sincere well-wisher of the race. Why should one who expects soon to be in heaven harbour malice in his bosom? Why should he wish to injure a fellow-worm? How can he?

{c} "rendering evil for evil" Mt 5:44; Eph 4:32.

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