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Verse 17. And if ye call on the Father. That is, if you are true Christians, or truly pious—piety being represented in the Scriptures as calling on God, or as the worship of God. See Barnes "Ac 9:11"; Ge 4:26; 1 Ki 18:24; Ps 116:17; 2 Ki 5:11; 1 Ch 16:8; Joe 2:32; Ro 10:13; Zep 3:9; 1 Co 1:2; Ac 2:21.

The word "Father" here is used evidently not to denote the Father in contradistinction to the Son, but as referring to God as the rather of the universe. 1 Pe 1:14 "As obedient children." God is often spoken of as the Father of the intelligent beings whom he has made. Christians worship him as a Father—as one having all the feelings of a kind and tender parent towards them. See Barnes "Ps 103:13, seq.

Who without respect of persons. Impartiality. Who is not influenced in his treatment of men by a regard to rank, wealth, beauty, or any external distinction. See Barnes "Ac 10:34, See Barnes "Ro 2:11".


Judgeth according to every man's work. He judges each one according to his character; or to what he has done, Re 22:12. See Barnes "2 Co 5:10".

The meaning is, "You worship a God who will judge every man according to his real character, and you should therefore lead such lives as he can approve."

Pass the time of your sojourning. "Of your temporary residence on earth. This is not your permanent home, but you are strangers and sojourners." See Barnes "Heb 11:13".


In fear. See Barnes "Php 2:12"

See Barnes "Heb 12:28".

With true reverence or veneration for God and his law. Religion is often represented as the reverent fear of God, De 6:2,13,24; Pr 1:7; 3:13; 14:26,27, et saepe al.

{f} "fear" Php 2:12

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