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Verse 19. But with the precious blood of Christ. On the use of the word blood, and the reason why the efficacy of the atonement is said to be in the blood, See Barnes "Ro 3:25".

The word precious (timiov,) is a word which would be applied to that which is worth much; which is costly. Comp. for the use of the noun (timh) in this sense, Mt 27:6, "The price of blood;" Ac 4:34; 5:2,3; 7:16.

See also for the use of the adjective, (timiov,) Re 17:4, "gold and precious stones." Re 18:12, "vessels of most precious wood." Re 21:11, "a stone most precious." The meaning here is, that the blood of Christ had a value above silver and gold; it was worth more, to wit,

(1.) in itself—being a more valuable thing and

(2.) in effecting our redemption.

It accomplished what silver and gold could not do. The universe had nothing more valuable to offer, of which we can conceive, than the blood of the Son of God.

As of a lamb. That is, of Christ regarded as a lamb offered for sacrifice. See Barnes "Joh 1:29".

Without blemish and without spot. Such a lamb only was allowed to be offered in sacrifice, Le 22:20-24; Mal 1:8. This was required,

(1.) because it was proper that man should offer that which was regarded as perfect in its kind; and,

(2.) because only that would be a proper symbol of the great sacrifice which was to be made by the Son of God. The idea was thus kept up from age to age that he, of whom all these victims were the emblems, would be perfectly pure.

{a} "lamb" Joh 1:29,36; Re 13:8

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