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Verse 13. Wherefore gird up the loins of your mind. The allusion here is to the manner in which the Orientals were accustomed to dress. They wear loose, flowing robes, so that, when they wished to run, or to fight, or to apply themselves to any business, they are obliged to bind their garments close around them. See Barnes "Mt 5:38, seq. The meaning here is, that they were to have their minds in constant preparation to discharge the duties, or to endure the trials of life—like those who were prepared for labour, for a race, or for a conflict.

Be sober. See Barnes "1 Ti 3:2"; See Barnes "Tit 1:8".


And hope to the end. Marg., perfectly. The translation in the text is the most correct. It means, that they were not to become faint or weary in their trials. They were not to abandon the hopes of the gospel, but were to cherish those hopes to the end of life, whatever opposition they might meet with, and however much might be done by others to induce them to apostatize. Comp. See Barnes "Heb 10:35".

See Barnes "Heb 10:36".


For the grace that is to be brought unto you. For the favour that shall then be bestowed upon you; to wit, salvation. The word brought here means, that this great favour which they hoped for would be borne to them by the Saviour on his return from heaven.

At the revelation of Jesus Christ. When the Lord Jesus shall be revealed from heaven in his glory; that is, when he comes to judge the world. See Barnes "2 Th 1:7".


{a} "gird up" Lu 12:35 {b} "sober" Lu 21:34 {1} "hope" "perfectly" {*} "revelation" "manifestation"

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