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Verse 13. From henceforth expecting. Or, waiting. He waits there until this shall be accomplished according to the promise made to him that all things shall be subdued under him. See Barnes "1 Co 15:25"

and following.

Till his enemies. There is an allusion here to Ps 110:1, where it is said, "The Lord said unto my Lord, Sit thou at my right hand until I make thine enemies thy footstool." The enemies of the Redeemer are Satan, the wicked of the earth, and all the evil passions of the heart. The idea is, that all things are yet to be made subject to his will —either by a cheerful and cordial submission to his authority, or by being crushed beneath his power. The Redeemer, having performed his great work of redemption by giving himself as a sacrifice on the cross, is represented now as calmly waiting until this glorious triumph is achieved, and this promise is fulfilled. We are not to suppose that he is inactive, or that he takes no share in the agency by which this is to be done, but the meaning is, that he looks to the certain fulfilment of the promise.

His footstool. That is, they shall be thoroughly and completely subdued. The same idea is expressed in 1 Co 15:25, by saying that all his enemies shall be put under his feet. The language arose from the custom of conquerors in putting their feet on the necks of their enemies, as a symbol of subjection. See Jos 10:24; See Barnes "Isa 26:5, See Barnes "Isa 26:6".


{e} "enemies" Col 3:1

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