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Verse 4. For he spake. Ge 2:2.

And God did rest. "At the close of the work of creation he rested. The work was done. That was the rest of God. He was happy in the contemplation of his own works; and he instituted that day to be observed as a memorial of his resting from his works, and as a type of the eternal rest which remained for man." The idea is this— that the notion of rest of some kind runs through all dispensations. It was seen in the finishing of the work of creation; seen in the appointment of the Sabbath; seen in the offer of the promised land, and is seen now in the promise of heaven. All dispensations contemplate rest, and there must be such a prospect before men now. When it is said that "God did rest," of course it does not mean that he was wearied with his toil, but merely that he ceased from the stupendous work of creation. He no more put forth creative energy, but calmly contemplated his own works in their beauty and grandeur, Ge 1:31. In carrying forward the great affairs of the universe, he always has been actively employed, Joh 5:17, but he is not employed in the work of creation, properly so called. That is done; and the sublime cessation from that constitutes the "rest of God."

{b} "wise" Ge 2:2.

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