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THE EPISTLE OF PAUL TO TITUS - Chapter 2 - Verse 2

Verse 2. That the aged men. All aged men—for there is no reason to suppose that the apostle refers particularly to those who were in office, or who were technically elders, or presbyters. If he had, he would have used the common word— presbuterov presbyter (see Mt 15:2; 16:21; 21:23; 26:3,47,57,59; 1 Ti 5:1,17,19; Tit 1:5

Jas 5:14; 1 Pe 5:1,) instead of the unusual word— presbuthv an old or aged man—a word which occurs nowhere else in the New Testament except in Lu 1:18, "For I am an old man," and Phm 1:9, "being such an one as Paul the aged." It is in no instance applied to an office. Besides, the instructions which Titus was to give to such men was not that which peculiarly pertained to elders as officers in the church, but to all old men. The idea is, that he was to adapt his instructions to the peculiar character of different classes of his hearers. The aged needed special instructions, and so did the young.

Be sober. Marg., vigilant. See the word explained See Barnes "1 Ti 3:2, where it is rendered vigilant. In 1 Ti 3:11, the same word is rendered sober.

Grave. Serious. See Barnes "1 Ti 3:8".

Compare See Barnes "Php 4:8, where the same word is rendered honest.

Temperate. swfronav. Rather, prudent, or sober-minded. See it explained See Barnes "1 Ti 3:2, where it is rendered sober. Also, Tit 1:8.

Sound in faith. See Barnes "1 Ti 1:10"; See Barnes "Tit 1:13".


In charity. In love. See Barnes "1 Co 13:1, seq. The meaning is, that an old man should evince love for all, especially for those who are good. He should have overcome, at his time of life, all the fiery, impetuous, envious, wrathful passions of his early years, and his mind should be subdued into sweet benevolence to all mankind.

In patience. In the infirmities of old age—in the trials resulting from the loss of the friends of their early years —in their loneliness in the world, they should show that the effect of all God's dealings with them has been to produce patience. The aged should submit to the trials of their advanced years, also, with resignation—for they will soon be over. A few more sighs, and they will sigh no more; a little longer bearing up under their infirmities, and they will renew their youth before the throne of God.

{a} "aged men" Pr 16:31 {1} "sober" "vigilant"

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