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Verse 11. Where there is neither Greek nor Jew. See this fully explained See Barnes "Gal 3:28".

The meaning here is, that all are on a level; that there is no distinction of nation in the church; that all are to be regarded and treated as brethren, and that therefore no one should be false to another, or lie to another.

Circumcision nor uncircumcision. No one is admitted into that blessed society because he is circumcised; no one is excluded because he is uncircumcised. That distinction is unknown, and all are on a level.

Barbarians. No one is excluded because he is a barbarian, or because he lives among those who are uncivilized, and is unpolished in his manners. See the word barbarian explained in See Barnes "Ro 1:14".


Scythian. This word does not occur elsewhere in the New Testament. The name Scythian is applied in ancient geography to the people who lived on the north and north-east of the Black and Caspian Seas, a region stretching indefinitely into the unknown countries of Asia. They occupied the lands now peopled by the Monguls and Tartars. The name was almost synonymous with barbarian, for they were regarded as a wild and savage race. The meaning here is, that even such a ferocious and uncivilized people were not excluded from the gospel, but they were as welcome as any other, and were entitled to the same privileges as others. No one was excluded because he belonged to the most rude and uncivilized portion of mankind.

Bond nor free. See Barnes "Gal 3:28".


But Christ is all, and in all. The great thing that constitutes the peculiarity of the church is, that Christ is its Saviour, and that all are his friends and followers. Its members lay aside all other distinctions, and are known only as his friends. They are not known as Jews and Gentiles; as of this nation or that; as slaves or freemen; but they are known as Christians—distinguished from all the rest of mankind as the united friends of the Redeemer. See Barnes "Gal 3:28".


{f} "Where" Ro 10:12


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