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IN the previous chapter, the apostle had showed what a true Christian ought not to follow after. He had warned the Colossians against the dangers of false philosophy, and the doctrines of erroneous teachers. In this chapter, he teaches them what they ought to pursue and to seek. He therefore enjoins various duties in the different relations of life, which they ought to perform in such a way as to show that true religion had a controlling influence over their hearts, he specifies the following:

(1.) The duty of setting the affections on things above, Col 3:1-4. They were risen with Christ, Col 2:12; they were dead to sin, Col 3:3; they were soon to be like Christ, Col 3:4; and they should, therefore, fix their affections on heavenly things.

(2.) The duty of mortifying their corrupt passions and carnal propensities, Col 3:5-8.

(3.) The duty of speaking the truth, since they had put off the old man with his deeds, Col 3:9-11.

(4.) The duty of kindness, gentleness, charity, and the spirit of peace, Col 3:12-15.

(5.) The duty of edifying one another by psalms and songs of praise, Col 3:16,17.

(6.) The duty of wives, Col 3:18;

(7.) of husbands, Col 3:19;

(8.) of children, Col 3:20;

(9.) of fathers, Col 3:21;

(10.) of servants, Col 3:22-25. There is a very striking similarity between this chapter and the fifth and sixth chapters of the epistle to the Ephesians, and a full exposition of the principal subjects adverted to here may be found in the Notes there.

Verse 1. If ye then be risen with Christ. The apostle in this place evidently founds the argument on what he had said in Col 2:12. See Barnes "Col 2:12".

The argument is, that there was such an union between Christ and his people, that in virtue of his death they become dead to sin; that in virtue of his resurrection they rise to spiritual life; and that therefore, as Christ now lives in heaven, they should live for heaven, and fix their affections there.

Seek those things which are above. That is, seek them as the objects of pursuit and affection; strive to secure them.

Where Christ sitteth on the right hand of God. See Barnes "Mr 16:19.

The argument here is, that since Christ is there, and since he is the object of our supreme attachment, we should fix our affections on heavenly things, and seek to be prepared to dwell with him.

{a} "risen with Christ" Col 2:12 {b} "Christ sitteth" Ro 8:34

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