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Verse 11. If by any means. Implying, that he meant to make use of the most strenuous exertions to obtain the object.

I might attain unto. I may come to, or may secure this object.

The resurrection of the dead. Paul believed that all the dead would be raised, Ac 24:15; 26:6-8; and in this respect he would certainly attain to the resurrection of the dead, in common with all mankind. But the phrase, "the resurrection of the dead," also might be used, in a more limited sense, to denote the resurrection of the righteous as a most desirable object; and this might be secured by effort. It was this which Paul sought—this for which he strove—this that was so bright an object in his eye that it was to be secured at any sacrifice. To rise with the saints; to enter with them into the blessedness of the heavenly inheritance, was an object that the apostle thought was worth every effort which could be made. The doctrine of the resurrection was, in his view, that which distinguished the true religion, and which made it of such inestimable value, Ac 26:6,7; 23:6; 1 Co 15; ) and he sought to participate in the full honour and glory of such a resurrection.

{b} "might attain" Ac 26:7

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