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EPHESIANS - Chapter 1 - Verse 22

Verse 22. And hath put all things under his feet. See Barnes "1 Co 15:27".


And gave him to be the head over all things. Appointed him to be the supreme Ruler.

To the Church. With reference to the church, or for its benefit and welfare. See Barnes "Joh 17:2".

The universe is under his control and direction for the welfare of his people.

(1.) All the elements—the physical works of God—the winds and waves— the seas and rivers—-all are under him, and all are to be made tributary to the welfare of the church.

(2.) Earthly kings and rulers; kingdoms and nations are under his control. Thus far Christ has controlled all the wicked rulers of the earth, and they have not been able to destroy that church which he redeemed with his own blood.

(3.) Angels in heaven, with all their ranks and orders, are under his control with reference to the church. See Barnes "Heb 1:14".

Comp. Mt 26:53.

(4.) Fallen angels are under his control, and shall not be able to injure or destroy the church. See Barnes "Mt 16:18".

The church, therefore, is safe. All the great powers of heaven, earth, and hell, are made subject to its Head and King; and no weapon that is formed against it shall prosper.

{c} "all things" Ps 8:6; Mt 28:16 {*} "gave him" "appointed"

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