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Verse 15. For all things are for your sakes. All these things; these glorious hopes, and truths, and prospects; these self-denials of the apostles, and these provisions of the plan of mercy.

For your sakes. On your account. They are designed to promote your salvation. They are not primarily for the welfare of those who engage in these toils and self-denials; but the whole arrangement and execution of the plan of salvation, and all the self-denial evinced by those who are engaged in making that plan known, are in order that you might be benefited. One object of Paul in this statement, doubtless, is to conciliate their favour, and remove the objections which had been made to him by a faction in the church at Corinth.

That the abundant grace. Grace abounding, or overflowing. The rich mercy of God that should be manifested by these means. It is implied here, that grace would abound by means of these labours and self-denials of the apostles. The grace referred to here is that which would be conferred on them in consequence of these labours.

Through the thanksgiving of many. That many may have occasion of gratitude to God; that by these labours more persons may be led to praise him. It was an object with Paul so to labour that as many as possible might be led to praise God, and have occasion to thank him to all eternity.

Redound to the glory of God. That God may have augmented praise; that his glory in the salvation of men may abound. The sentiment of the passage is, that it would be for the glory of God that as many as possible should be brought to live praise and thanksgivings to him; and that therefore Paul endeavoured to make as many converts as possible. He denied himself; he welcomed toil; he encountered enemies; he subjected himself to dangers; and he sought by all means possible to bring as many as could be brought to praise God. The word "redound," (perisseush,) here means abound, or be abundant; and the sense is, that the overflowing grace thus evinced in the salvation of many would so abound as to promote the glory of God.

{f} "all things" 1 Co 3:21,22 {g} "grace might" 2 Co 8:19

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