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Verse 11. For ensamples. Greek, Types. (tupoi). The same word which is used in 1 Co 10:6. This verse is a repetition of the admonition contained in that verse, in order to impress it more deeply on the memory. See Barnes "1 Co 10:6".

The sense is, not that these things took place simply and solely to be examples, or admonitions, but that their occurrence illustrated great principles of human nature and of the Divine government; they showed the weakness of men, and their liability to fall into sin, and their need of the Divine protection, and they might thus be used for the admonition of succeeding generations.

They are written for our admonition. They are recorded in the writings of Moses, in order that we and all others might be admonished not to confide in our own strength. The admonition did not pertain merely to the Corinthians, but had an equal applicability to Christians in all ages of the world.

Upon whom the ends of the world are come. This expression is equivalent to that which so often occurs in the Scriptures, as "the last time," "the latter day," etc. See it fully explained See Barnes "Ac 2:17".

It means the last dispensation; or, that period and mode of the Divine administration under which the affairs of the world would be wound up. There would be no mode of administration beyond that of the gospel. But it by no means denotes necessarily that the continuance of this period called "the last times," and "the ends of the world," would be brief, or that the apostle believed that the world would soon come to an end. It might be the last period, and yet be longer than any one previous period, or than all the previous periods put together. There may be a last dynasty in an empire, and yet it may be longer than any previous dynasty, or than all the previous dynasties put together. The apostle Paul was at special pains in 2 Th 2 to show, that by affirming that the last time had come, he did not mean that the world would soon come to an end.

{*} "things" "types" {1} "ensamples" "examples"

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