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THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES - Chapter 28 - Verse 23

Verse 23. Appointed him a day. A day when they would hear him.

To his lodging. To the house where he resided, Ac 28:30.

He expounded. He explained or declared the principles of the Christian religion.

And testified the kingdom of God. Bore witness to, or declared the principles and doctrines of the reign of the Messiah. See Barnes "Mt 3:2".


Persuading them concerning Jesus. Endeavouring to convince them that Jesus was the Messiah.

Both out of the law of Moses. Endeavouring to convince them that he corresponded with the predictions respecting the Messiah in the books of Moses, Ge 49:10; De 18:18, and with the types which Moses had instituted to prefigure the Messiah.

And out of the prophets. Showing that he corresponded with the predictions of the prophets. See Barnes "Ac 17:3".


From morning till evening. An instance of Paul's indefatigable toil in endeavouring to win his own countrymen to Jesus as the Messiah.

{e} "lodging" Phm 1:2 {f} "expounded" Lu 24:27; Ac 17:3; 19:8

{g} "law and prophets" Ac 26:6,22 {+} "testified" "bore testimony to"

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