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THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES - Chapter 27 - Verse 12

Verse 12. The haven. The fair havens, Ac 27:8.

Was not commodious to winter in. Not safe or convenient to remain there. Probably it furnished rather a safe anchorage-ground in time of a storm, than a convenient place for a permanent harbour.

The more part. The greater part of the crew.

To Phenice. This was a port or harbour on the south side of Crete, and west of the fair havens. It was a more convenient harbour, and regarded as more safe. It appears, therefore, that the majority of persons on board concurred with Paul in the belief that it was not advisable to attempt the navigation of the sea, until the dangers of the winter had passed by.

And lieth toward. Greek, Looking toward; i.e., it was open in that direction.

The southwest. kata liba. Toward Libya, or Africa. That country was situated south-west of the mouth of the harbour. The entrance of the harbour was in a south-west direction.

And northwest. kata cwron. This word denotes a wind blowing from the north-west. The harbour was doubtless curved. Its entrance was in a south-west direction. It then turned so as to lie in a direction towards the north-west. It was thus rendered perfectly safe from the winds and heavy seas; and in that harbour they might pass the winter in security.

{*} "more part" "greater" {b} "Crete" Ac 27:7

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