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THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES - Chapter 25 - Verse 3

Verse 3. And desired favour against him. Desired the favour of Festus, that they might accomplish their wicked purpose on Paul.

Would send for him to Jerusalem. Probably under a pretence that he might be tried by the sanhedrim; or perhaps they wished Festus to hear the cause there, and to decide it while he was at Jerusalem. Their real motive is immediately stated.

Laying wait in the way to kill him. That is, they would lie in wait, or they would employ a band of Sicarii, or assassins, to take his life on the journey. See Barnes "Ac 21:38"; See Barnes "Ac 23:12".

It is altogether probable that if this request had been granted, Paul would have been killed. But God had promised him that he should bear witness to the truth at Rome, (Ac 23:11;) and his providence was remarkable in thus influencing the mind of the Roman governor, and defeating the plans of the Jewish council.

{a} "laying wait" Ac 23:14,15 {+} "wait" "purposing to lie in wait"

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