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THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES - Chapter 24 - Verse 17

Verse 17. Now after many years. After many years' absence. Paul here commences a reply to the charges of Tertullus, that he had endeavoured to profane the temple, Ac 24:6. He begins by saying that his design in coming up to Jerusalem was to bring to them needed aid in a time of distress. It would be absurd to suppose, therefore, that his object in coming was to violate the customs of the temple, and to defile it.

I came to bring. See Ac 11:29,30. See Barnes "Ro 15:25".


Alms. Charities; the gift of the churches.

To my nation. Not to all the nation; but to the poor saints or Christians who were in Judea, and who were suffering much by persecutions and trials.

And offerings. The word used here properly denotes an offering or gift of any kind; but it is usually applied to an oblation, or offering made to God in the temple—a thank-offering, a sacrifice. This is probably its meaning here. He came to bring aid to his needy countrymen, and an offering to God; and it was, therefore, no part of his purpose to interfere with, or to profane the worship of the temple.

{h} "to bring alms" Ac 11:29,30; 20:16; Ro 15:25

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