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THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES - Chapter 21 - Verse 11

Verse 11. He took Paul's girdle. The loose, flowing robes, or outer garments, which were worn in eastern countries, were bound by a girdle, or sash, around the body, when they ran, or laboured, or walked. Such a girdle was, therefore, an indispensable part of dress.

And bound his own hands and feet. As emblematic of what would be done by the Jews to Paul. It was common for the prophets to perform actions which were emblematic of the events which they predicted. The design was to make the prediction more forcible and impressive, by representing it to the eye. Thus Jeremiah was directed to bury his girdle by the Euphrates, to denote the approaching captivity of the Jews, Jer 13:4. Thus he was directed to make bands and yokes, and to put them around his neck, as a sign to Edom and Moab, etc., Jer 27:2,3. Thus the act of the potter was emblematic of the destruction that was coming upon the nation of the Jews, Jer 18:4. So Isaiah walked naked and barefoot as a sign of the captivity of Egypt and Ethiopia, Isa 20:3,4. Comp. Eze 4, Eze 12, etc.

So shall the Jews, etc. This was fulfilled. See Ac 21:33 and Ac 24.

Into the hands of the Gentiles. To be tried; for the Romans then had jurisdiction over Judea.

{&} "Ghost" "Spirit" {g} "so shall the Jews" Ac 21:33; 20:23

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