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THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES - Chapter 21 - Verse 1



Verse 1. After we were gotten from them. After we had left the elders at Miletus, Ac 20:38. They were on their way to Jerusalem.

Unto Coos. This was a small island in the Grecian Archipelago, a short distance from the south-western point of Asia Minor. It is now called Stan-co. It was celebrated for its fertility, and for the wine and silk-worms which it produced.

Unto Rhodes. This was an island in the Levant. On the island was a city of the same name, which was principally distinguished for its brazen Colossus, which was built by Chares of Lyndus. It stood across the mouth of the harbour; and was so high that vessels could pass between its legs. It stood fifty-six years, and was then thrown down by an earthquake. It was reckoned as one of the seven wonders of the world. When the Saracens took possession of this island, they sold this prostrate image to a Jew, who loaded 900 camels with the brass of it. This was A.D. 600, about 900 years after it had been thrown down. The ancient name of the island was Asteria. Its name Rhodes was given from the great quantity of roses which it produced.

Unto Patara. This was a maritime city of Lycia, in Asia Minor, over against Rhodes.

{*} "gotten" "had separated"

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