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THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES - Chapter 20 - Verse 18

Verse 18. And when they were come to him. The discourse which follows is one of the most tender, affectionate, and eloquent, which is anywhere to be found. It is strikingly descriptive of the apostle's manner of life while with them; evinces his deep concern for their welfare; is full of tender and kind admonition; expresses the firm purpose of his soul to live to the glory of God, and his expectation to be persecuted still; and is a most affectionate and solemn farewell. No man can read it without being convinced that it came from a heart full of love and kindness; and that it evinces a great and noble purpose to be entirely employed in one great aim and object —the promotion of the glory of God, in the face of danger and of death.

Ye know. From your own observation. He had been with them three years, and could make this solemn appeal to themselves, that he had led a faithful and devoted life. How happy is it when a minister can thus appeal to those with whom he has laboured, in proof of his own sincerity and fidelity! How comforting to himself, and how full of demonstration to a surrounding world, of the truth and power of the gospel which is preached! We may further remark, that this appeal furnishes strong proof of the purity and holiness of Paul's life. The elders at Ephesus must have had abundant opportunity to know him. They had seen him, and heard him publicly, and in their private dwellings. A man does not make such an appeal unless he has a consciousness of integrity, nor unless there is conclusive proof of his integrity. It is strong evidence of the holiness of the character of the apostles, and proof that they were not impostors, that they could thus appeal with the utmost assurance to those who had every opportunity of knowing them.

From the first day. He was with them three years, Ac 20:31.

Into Asia. Asia Minor. They would probably know, not only how he had demeaned himself while with them, but also how he had conducted [himself] in other places near them.

After what manner I have been with you. How I have lived and acted. What has been my manner of life. What had been his mode of life, he specifies in the following verses.

At all seasons. At all times.

{d} "first day" Ac 19:1,10 {++} "seasons" "The whole team"

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