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THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES - Chapter 18 - Verse 25

Verse 25. This man was instructed. Greek, was catechised. He was instructed, in some degree, into the knowledge of the Christian religion. By whom this was done, we have no information. See Barnes "Ac 2:9-11".


In the right way of the Lord. The word way often refers to doctrine, Mt 21:32. It means here that he had been correctly taught in regard to the Messiah; yet his knowledge was imperfect, Ac 18:26. The amount of his knowledge seems to have been:

(1.) He had correct views of the Messiah to come—views which he had derived from the study of the Old Testament. He was expecting a Saviour that should be humble, obscure, and a sacrifice, in opposition to the prevailing notions of the Jews.

(2.) He had heard of John; had embraced his doctrine; and probably had been baptized with reference to him that was to come. Comp. Mt 3:2; Ac 19:4. But it is clear that he had not heard that Jesus was the Messiah. With his correct views in regard to the coming of the Messiah, he was endeavouring to instruct and reform his countrymen. He was just in the state of mind to welcome the announcement that the Messiah had come, and to embrace Jesus of Nazareth as the hope of the nation.

Being fervent in the spirit. Being zealous and ardent. See Barnes "Ro 12:11".


Taught diligently. Defended with zeal and earnestness his views of the Messiah.

The things of the Lord. The doctrines pertaining to the Messiah, as far as he understood them.

Knowing only the baptism of John. Whether he had heard John, and been baptized by him, has been made a question, and cannot now be decided. It is not necessary, however, to suppose this, as it seems that the knowledge of John s preaching and baptism had been propagated extensively into other nations besides Judea, Ac 19:1-3. The Messiah was expected about that time. The foreign Jews would be waiting for him; and the news of John's ministry, doctrine, and success, would be rapidly propagated from synagogue to synagogue into the surrounding nations. John preached repentance, and baptized with reference to him that was to come after him, Ac 19:4; and this doctrine Apollos seems to have embraced.

{g} "fervent" Ro 12:11; Jas 5:16 {h} "knowing" Ac 19:3

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