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THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES - Chapter 16 - Verse 9

Verse 9. And a vision. See Barnes "Ac 9:10".


There stood a man, etc. The appearance of a man, who was known to be of Macedonia, probably, by his dress and language. Whether this was in a dream, or whether it was a representation made to the senses while awake it is impossible to tell. The will of God was at different times made known in both these ways. Comp. Mt 2:12; See Barnes "Ac 10:3".

Grotius supposes that this was the guardian angel of Macedonia, and refers for illustration to Da 10:12,13,20,21.

But there seems to be no foundation for this opinion.

Of Macedonia. This was an extensive country of Greece, having Thrace on the north, Thessaly south, Epirus west, and the AEgean Sea east. It is supposed that it was peopled by Kittim, son of Javan, Ge 10:4. The kingdom rose into celebrity chiefly under the reign of Philip and his son Alexander the Great. It was the first region in Europe in which we have any record that the gospel was preached.

And help us. That is, by preaching the gospel. This was a call to preach the gospel in an extensive heathen land, amidst many trials and dangers. To this call, notwithstanding all this prospect of danger, they cheerfully responded, and gave themselves to the work. Their conduct was thus an example to the church. From all portions of the earth a similar call is now coming to the churches. Openings of a similar character, for the introduction of the gospel, are presented in all lands. Appeals are coming from every quarter; and all that seems now necessary for the speedy conversion of the world, is for the church to enter into these vast fields with the self-denial, spirit, and zeal which characterized the apostle Paul.

{b} "man of Macedonia" Ac 10:30

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