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THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES - Chapter 16 - Verse 3

Verse 3. Him would Paul have, etc. This was an instance of Paul's selecting young men of piety for the holy ministry. It shows,

(1.) that he was disposed to look up and call forth the talent that might be in the church, that might be usefully employed. It is quite evident that Timothy would not have thought of this, had it not been suggested by Paul. The same thing education societies are attempting now to accomplish.

(2.) That Paul sought proper qualifications, and valued them. Those were,

(a.) that he had a good reputation for piety, etc., Ac 16:2

This he demanded as an indispensable qualification for a minister of

the gospel. 1 Ti 3:7. "Moreover he (a bishop) must have a good

report of them which are without." Comp. Ac 22:12.


(b) Paul esteemed him to be a young man of talents and prudence.

His admitting him to a partnership in his labours, and his

entrusting to him the affairs of the church at Ephesus, prove this.


(c) He had been carefully trained in the Holy Scriptures. A

foundation was thus laid for usefulness. And this qualification

seems to have been deemed by Paul of indispensable value for

the right discharge of his duties in this holy office.

And he took and circumcised him. This was evidently done to avoid the opposition and reproaches of the Jews. It was a measure not binding in itself, (comp. Ac 15:1,28,29) but the neglect of which would expose to contention and opposition among the Jews, and greatly retard or destroy his usefulness. It was an act of expediency for the sake of peace, and was in accordance with Paul's uniform and avowed principle of conduct. 1 Co 9:20, "And unto the Jews I became as a Jew, that I might gain the Jews." Comp. Ac 21:23-26.

{g} "circumcised him, because" Ga 2:3-8; 5:1-3 {h} "Jews which were" 1 Co 9:20

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