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THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES - Chapter 15 - Verse 28

Verse 28. For it seemed good to the Holy Ghost. This is a strong and undoubted claim to inspiration. It was with special reference to the organization of the church that the Holy Spirit had been promised to them by the Lord Jesus, Mt 18:18-20; Joh 14:26.

No greater burthen. To impose no greater restraints; to enjoin no other observances. See Barnes "Ac 15:10".


Than these necessary things. Necessary,

(1.) in order to preserve the peace of the church.

(2.) To conciliate the minds of the Jewish converts, Ac 15:21.

(3.) Necessary in their circumstances, particularly, because the crime which is specified—licentiousness—was one to which all early converts were particularly exposed. See Barnes "Ac 15:20".


{|} "Ghost" "Spirit" {h} "burthen" Re 2:24

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