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THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES - Chapter 13 - Verse 15

Verse 15. And after the reading of the Law and the Prophets. See Barnes "Lu 4:16".


The rulers of the synagogue. These were persons who had the general charge of the synagogue and its service, to keep everything in order, and to direct the affairs of public worship. They designated the individuals who were to read the law; and called on those whom they pleased to address the people, and had the power also of inflicting punishment, and of excommunicating, etc.—(Schleusner.) Mr 5:22,35,36,38; Lu 8:49; Lu 13:14; Ac 18:8,17.

Seeing that Paul and Barnabas were Jews, though strangers, they sent to them, supposing it probable that they would wish to address their brethren.

Men and brethren. An affectionate manner of commencing a discourse, recognizing them as their own countrymen, and as originally of the same religion.

Say on. Greek, Speak.

{d} "word of exhortation" Heb 13:22 {*} "say on" "Speak"

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