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THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES - Chapter 10 - Verse 23

Verse 23. And lodged them. They remained with him through the night. Four days were occupied before Peter met Cornelius at Caesarea. On the first, the angel appeared to Cornelius; on the second, the messengers arrived at Joppa, Ac 10:9; on the third, Peter returned with them, Ac 10:23; and on the fourth, they arrived at Caesarea, Ac 10:24,30.

And certain brethren. Some Christians. They were six in number, Ac 11:12. It was usual for the early Christians to accompany the apostles in their journeys. Ro 15:24; Ac 15:3; 3 Jo 1:6; 1 Co 16:6,11.

As this was an important event in the history of the church—the bearing of the gospel to a Gentile—it was more natural rant proper that Peter should be attended with others.

{c} "certain brethren" "Ac 10:45"

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