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THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES - Chapter 10 - Verse 41

Verse 41. Not to all the people. Not to the nation at large; for this was not necessary in order to establish the truth of his resurrection. He, however, showed himself to many persons. See the Harmony of the accounts of the resurrection of Jesus, at the close of the Notes on Matthew.

Chosen of God. Appointed by God, or set apart by his authority through Jesus Christ.

Who did eat and drink, etc. And by doing this he furnished the clearest possible proof that he was truly risen; and that they were not deceived by an illusion of the imagination, or by a phantasm. Compare Joh 21:12,13.

{b} "Not to all people" Joh 14:22

Joh 20

Joh 21

{c} "before of God" Joh 15:16

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