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THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES - Chapter 10 - Verse 11

Verse 11. And saw heaven opened. Ac 7:56; See Barnes "Mt 3:16".

This language is derived from a common mode of speaking in the Hebrew Scriptures, as if the sky above us was a solid, vast expanse, and [as] if it were opened to present an opportunity for anything to descend. It is language that is highly figurative.

And a certain vessel. See Barnes "Ac 9:15".


As it had been. It is important to mark this expression. The sacred writer does not say that Peter literally saw such all object descending; but he uses this as an imperfect description of the vision. It was not a literal descent of a vessel, but it was such a kind of representation to him, producing the same impression, and the same effect, as if such a vessel had descended.

Knit at the four corners. Bound, united, or tied. The corners were collected, as would be natural in putting anything into a great sheet.

{a} "saw heaven" Ac 7:56 {*} "vessel" "and something" {+} "knit" "bound together"

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