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THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES - Chapter 7 - Verse 45

Verse 45. Our fathers that came after. None of the generation that came out of Egypt were permitted to enter into the land of Canaan on account of their rebellion, except Caleb and Joshua, Nu 14:22-24; 32:11,12.

Hence it is said that their fathers who came after, i.e. afar the generation when the tabernacle was built. The Greek, however, here means, properly, "which also our fathers, having received, brought," etc. The sense is not materially different. Stephen means that it was not brought in by that generation, but by the next.

With Jesus. This should have been rendered, "with Joshua." Jesus is the Greek mode of writing the name Joshua. But the Hebrew name should by all means have been retained here, as also in Heb 4:8.

Into the possession of the Gentiles. Into the land possessed by the Gentiles; that is, into the promised land then occupied by the Canaanites, etc.

Whom God, etc. That is, he continued to drive them out until the time of David, when they were completely expelled. Or it may mean that the tabernacle was in the possession of the Jews, and was the up, pointed place of worship, until the time of David, who desired to build him a temple. The Greek is ambiguous. The connexion favours the latter interpretation.

{b} "Which also" Jos 3:14 {2} "Which also our fathers" or, "having received" {*} "Jesus" "Joshua" {=} "possession of the Gentiles" "When they possessed the land of the

nations" {c} "whom God Drave out" Neh 9:24; Psa 44:2; 78:55

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