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THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES - Chapter 7 - Verse 7

Verse 7. And the nation, etc. Referring particularly to the Egyptians.

Will I judge. The word judge, in the Bible, often means to execute judgment, as well as to pronounce it; that is, to punish. See Joh 18:31; 3:17; 8:50; 12:47; Ac 24:6; 1 Co 5:13, etc. It has this meaning here. God regarded their oppressive acts as deserving his indignation, and he evinced it in the plagues with which he visited them, and in their overthrow in the Red Sea.

Shall serve me. Shall worship me, or be regarded as my people.

In this place. That is, in the place where God made this promise to Abraham. These words are not found in Genesis; but similar words are found in Ex 3:12; and it was a practice, in making quotations, to quote the sense only, or to connect two or more promises having relation to the same thing.

{a} "serve me in this place" Ex 3:12

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