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THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES - Chapter 6 - Verse 8

Verse 8. And Stephen. The remarkable death of this first Christian martyr, which soon occurred, gave occasion to the sacred writer to give a detailed account of his character, and of the causes which led to his death. Hitherto the opposition of the Jews had been confined to threats and imprisonment; but it was now to burst forth with furious rage and madness, that could be satisfied only with blood. This was the first in a series of persecutions against Christians that filled the church with blood, and that closed the lives of thousands, perhaps millions, in the great work of establishing the gospel on the earth.

Full of faith. Full of confidence in God; or trusting entirely to his promises. See Barnes "Mr 16:16".


And power. The power which was evinced in working miracles.

Wonders. This is one of the words commonly used in the New Testament to denote miracles.

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