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THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES - Chapter 6 - Verse 2

Verse 2. Then the twelve. That is, the apostles. Matthias had been added to them after the apostasy of Judas, which had completed the original number.

The multitude of the disciples. It is not necessary to suppose that all the disciples were convened, which amounted to many thousands, but that the business was laid before a large number; or perhaps the multitude here means those merely who were more particularly interested in the matter, and who had been engaged in the complaint.

It is not reason. The original words used here properly denote, it is not pleasing, or agreeable; but the meaning evidently is, it is not fit, or proper. It would be a departure from the design of their appointment, which was to preach the gospel, and not to attend to the pecuniary affairs of the church.

Leave the word of God. That we should neglect, or abandon the preaching of the gospel so much as would be necessary, if we attended personally to the distribution of the alms of the church. The gospel is here called the word of God, because it is his message; it is that which he has spoken; or which he has commanded to be proclaimed to men.

Serve tables. This expression properly denotes to take care of, or to provide for the table, or for the daily wants of the family. It is an expression that properly applies to a steward, or a servant. The word tables is, however, sometimes used with reference to money, as being the place where money was kept for the purpose of exchange, etc., Mt 21:12; 25:27. Here the expression means, therefore, to attend to the pecuniary transactions of the church, and to make the proper distribution for the wants of the poor.

{b} "It is not reason" Ex 18:17-26

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