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THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES - Chapter 5 - Verse 34

Verse 34. Then stood there up one. He rose, as is usual in deliberative assemblies, to speak.

In the council. In the sanhedrim, Ac 4:15.

A Pharisee. The high priest and those who had been most active in opposing the apostles were Sadducees. The Pharisees were opposed to them particularly on the doctrine in regard to which the apostles were so strenuous, the resurrection of the dead. See Barnes "Mt 3:7".

Comp. Ac 23:6.

Gamaliel. This name was very common among the Jews. Dr. Lightfoot says, that this man was the teacher of Paul, (Ac 22:3,) the son of the Simon who took the Saviour in his arms, (Lu 2) and the grandson of the famous Hillel, and was known among the Jews by the title of Rabban Gamaliel the elder. There were other men of this name, who were also eminent among the Jews. This man is said to have died eighteen years before the destruction of Jerusalem; and he died as he had lived, a Pharisee. There is not the least evidence that he was a friend of the Christian religion; but he was evidently a man of far more liberal views than the other members of the sanhedrim.

A doctor of the law. That is, a teacher of the Jewish law; one whose province it was to interpret the laws of Moses, and probably to preserve and transmit the traditional laws of the Jews. See Barnes "Mt 15:3".

So celebrated was he, that Saul of Tarsus went to Jerusalem to receive the benefit of his instructions, Ac 22:3.

Had in reputation among all the people. Honoured by all the people. His advice was likely, therefore, to be respected.

To put the apostles forth. This was done doubtless, because, if the apostles had been suffered to remain, it was apprehended that they would take fresh courage, and be confirmed in their purposes. It was customary, besides, when they deliberated, to command those accused to retire, Ac 4:15.

A little space. A little time, Lu 22:58.

{d} "a doctor of the law" Ac 22:3 {&} "a little space" "To send the apostles our for a short time"

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