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THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES - Chapter 5 - Verse 12

Verse 12. And by the hands, etc. By the apostles. This verse should be read in connexion with Ac 5:15, to which it belongs.

Signs and wonders. See Barnes "Ac 2:43".

Miracles. See Barnes "Ac 2:43.


With one accord. With one mind, or intention. See Barnes "Ac 1:14".


In Solomon's porch. See Barnes "Mt 21:12 Joh 10:23.

They were doubtless there for the purpose of worship. It does not mean that they were there constantly, but at the regular periods of worship. Probably they had two designs in this; one was to join in the public worship of God in the usual manner with the people, for they did not design to leave the temple-service; the other was that they might have opportunity to preach to the people assembled there. In the presence of the great multitudes who came up to worship, they had an opportunity of making known the doctrines of Jesus, and of confirming them by miracles, the reality of which could not be denied, and which could not be resisted, as proofs that Jesus was the Messiah.

{b} "many signs" Ac 4:30; Ro 15:19; Heb 2:4

{*} "one accord" "consent"

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