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THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES - Chapter 9 - Verse 15

Verse 15. Go thy way. This is often the only answer that we obtain to the suggestion of our doubts and hesitations about duty. God tells us still to do what he requires, with an assurance only that his commands are just, and that there are good reasons for them.

A chosen vessel. The usual meaning of the word vessel is well known. It usually denotes a cup or basin, such as is used in a house. It then denotes any instrument which may be used to accomplish a purpose, perhaps particularly with the notion of conveying or communicating. In the Scriptures it is used to denote the instrument or agent which God employs to convey his favours to mankind; and is thus employed to represent the ministers of the gospel, or the body of the minister, 2 Co 4:7; 1 Th 4:4; comp. Isa 13:5. Paul is called chosen because Christ had selected him, as he did his other apostles, for this service. See Barnes "Joh 15:16".


To bear my name. To communicate the knowledge of me.

Before the Gentiles. The nations; all who were not Jews. This was the principal employment of Paul. He spent his life in this, and regarded himself as peculiarly called to be the apostle of the Gentiles, Ro 11:13; 15:16; Ga 2:8.


And kings. This was fulfilled, Ac 25:23; 26:1-32; 27:24.


And the children of Israel. The Jews. This was done. He immediately began to preach to them,

@Ac 9:20-22.

Wherever he went, he preached the gospel first to them, and then to the Gentiles, Ac 13:46; 28:17.

{e} "he is a chosen vessel" Ac 13:2; Ro 1:1; 1 Co 15:10; Ga 1:15

Eph 3:7,8 {f} "before the gentiles" Ro 11:13 Ga; 2:7,8

{g} "kings" Ac 25:23 {h} "the children of Israel" Ac 20:23

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