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THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES - Chapter 3 - Verse 6

Verse 6. Silver and gold have I none. The man had asked for money; Peter assures him that he had not that to give; it was done, however, in such a way as to show his willingness to aid him, if he had possessed it.

Such as I have. Such as is in my power. It is not to be supposed that he meant to say that he originated this power himself, but only that it was entrusted to him. He immediately adds, that it was derived solely from the Lord Jesus Christ.

In the name. Comp. Ac 4:10. In Mr 16:17,18, it is said, "These signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils, etc.—they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover." The expression means, by his authority, or in virtue of power derived from him. We are here struck with a remarkable difference between the manner in which the Lord Jesus wrought miracles, and that in which it was done by his apostles. He did it in his own name, and by virtue of his own power. He claimed dominion over disease and death. The apostles never attempted to perform a miracle by their own power. It was only in the name of Jesus; and this circumstance alone shows that there was a radical difference between Christ and all other prophets and teachers.

Of Nazareth. This was the name by which he was commonly known. By this name he had been designated among the Jews, and on the cross. It is by no means improbable that the man had heard of him by this name; and it was important that he should understand that it was by the authority of him who had been crucified as an impostor.

Rise up and walk. To do this would be evidence of signal power. It is remarkable that, in cases like this, they were commanded to do the thing at once. See similar cases in Joh 5:8; Mt 9:6; 12:13.

It would have been easy to allege that they had no power, that they were lame, or sick, or palsied, and could do nothing until God should give them strength. But the command was to do the thing; nor did the Saviour or the apostles stop to convince them that they could do nothing. They did not doubt that, if it were done, they would ascribe the power to God. Precisely like this is the condition of the sinner. God commands him to do the thing; to repent, and believe, and lead a holy life. It is not merely to attempt to do it; to make use of means; or to wait on him; but it is actually to repent and believe the gospel. Where he may obtain power to do it is another question. It is easy for him to involve himself in difficulty, as it would have been in these cases. But the command of God is positive, and must be obeyed. If not obeyed, men must perish; just as this man would have been always lame if he had put forth no effort of his own. When done, a convicted sinner will do just as this man did, instinctively give all the praise to God, Ac 3:8.

{e} "in the name of Jesus" Ac 4:10

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