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THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES - Chapter 3 - Verse 1



Verse 1. Peter and John went up, etc. In Lu 24:53, it is said that the apostles were continually in the temple, praising and blessing God. From Ac 2:46, it is clear that all the disciples were accustomed daily to resort to the temple for devotion. Whether they joined in the sacrifices of the temple-service is not said; but the thing is not improbable. This was the place and the manner in which they and their fathers had worshipped. They came slowly to the conclusion that they were to leave the temple; and they would naturally resort there with their countrymen to worship the God of their fathers. In the previous chapter, (Ac 2:43,) we are told in general that many wonders and signs were done by the hands of the apostles. From the many miracles which were performed, Luke selects one, of which he gives a more full account; and especially as it gives him occasion to record another of the addresses of Peter to the Jews. An impostor would have been satisfied with the general statement that many miracles were performed. The sacred writers descend to particulars, and tell us where, and in relation to whom, they were performed. This is a proof that they were honest men, and did not intend to deceive.

Into the temple. Not into the edifice properly called the temple, but into the court of the temple, where prayer was accustomed to be made. See Barnes "Mt 21:12".


At the hour of prayer, etc. The Jewish day was divided into twelve equal parts; of course the ninth hour would be about three o'clock, P.M. This was the hour of evening prayer. Morning prayer was offered at nine o'clock. Comp. Ps 55:17; Da 6:10.

{c} "the hour of prayer" Ps 55:17; Da 6:10

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