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THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO JOHN - Chapter 16 - Verse 13

Verse 13. The Spirit of truth. So called because he would teach them all needful truth.

Will guide you into all truth. That is, truth which pertained to the establishment of the Christian system, which they were not then prepared to hear. We may here remark that this is a full promise that they would be inspired and guided in founding the new church; and we may observe that the plan of the Saviour was replete with wisdom. Though they had been long with him, yet they were not prepared then to hear of the changes that were to occur; but his death would open their eyes, and the Holy Spirit, making use of the striking and impressive scenes of his death and ascension, would carry forward with vast rapidity their views of the nature of the Christian scheme. Perhaps in the few days that elapsed, of which we have a record in the first and second chapters of the Acts of the Apostles, they learned more of the true nature of the Christian plan than they would have done in months or years even under the teaching of Jesus himself. The more we study the plan of Christ, the more shall we admire the profound wisdom of the Christian scheme, and see that it was eminently fitted to the great design of its Founder —to introduce it in such a manner as to make on man the deepest impression of its wisdom and its truth.

Not speak of himself. Not as prompted by himself. He shall declare what is communicated to him. See Barnes "Joh 7:18".


Whatsoever he shall hear. What he shall receive of the Father and the Son; represented by hearing, because in this way instruction is commonly received. See Barnes "Joh 5:30".


Things to come. Probably this means the meaning of things which were to take place after the time when he was speaking to them —to wit, the design of his death, and the nature of the changes which were to take place in the Jewish nation. It is also true that the apostles were inspired by the Holy Spirit to predict future events which would take place in the church and the world. See Ac 11:28; Ac 20:29; 21:11; 1 Ti 4:1-3; 2 Ti 3:1; 2 Pe 1:14; and the whole book of Revelation.

{k} "guide you into all truth" Joh 14:26 {l} "he will show you things to come" Re 1:1,19

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