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THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO JOHN - Chapter 12 - Verse 23

Verse 21. The hour is come. The time is come. The word hour commonly means a definite part or a division of a day; but it also is used to denote a brief period, and a fixed, definite, determined time. It is used in this sense here. The appointed, fixed time is come—that is, is so near at hand that it may be said to be come.

The Son of man. This is the favourite title which Jesus gives to himself, denoting his union with man, and the interest he felt in his welfare. The title is used here rather than "The Son of God," because as a man he had been humble, poor, and despised; but the time had come when, as a man, he was to receive the appropriate honours of the Messiah.

Be glorified. Be honoured in an appropriate way—that is, by the testimony which God would give to him at his death, by his resurrection, and by his ascension to glory. See Joh 7:39.

{v} "The hour is come" Joh 13:32; 17:1

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