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Verses 2-8. See this passage explained See Barnes "Mt 26:3, also Mt 26:4-16.

Verse 2. A supper. At the house of Simon the leper, Mt 26:6.

Lazarus was, &c. The names of Martha and Lazarus are mentioned because it was not in their own house, but in that of Simon. Lazarus is particularly mentioned, since it was so remarkable that one who had been once dead should be enjoying again the endearments of friendship. This shows, also, that his resurrection was no illusion—that he was really restored to the blessings of life and friendship. Calmet thinks that this was about two months after his resurrection, and it is the last that we hear of him. How long he lived is unknown, nor is it recorded that he made any communication about the world of spirits. It is remarkable that none who have been restored to life from the dead have made any communications respecting that world. See Lu 16:31, and See Barnes "2 Co 12:4".


{b} "Martha served" Lu 10:38-42

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